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Comprehensive check of your site for technical errors and compliance with the requirements of the search engine.
SEO audit is a set of measures aimed at identifying technical errors on the site and checking for compliance with all the requirements of the search engine.
Conventionally, it is possible to divide SEO audit into two parts - external audit and internal audit.
Internal audit is work directly with your site, it includes checking the quality and uniqueness of content, site structure, indexing indicators, etc.
An external audit is aimed at working with the industry in which you work: analysis of competitors, keywords, checking and comparing the link mass of your site and competing sites, etc.

The SEO-links team recommends not separating these two types of analysis and conducting a comprehensive audit, which includes both external and internal analysis. Thus, you will get a complete picture and more tools for website promotion, get acquainted with the external strategy of competitors in your niche, and using a step-by-step guide, you can bring your site to the first positions in the search engine.
A comprehensive SEO audit is the first point from which SEO promotion begins. According to the results of the analysis, all errors that may prevent your resource from being in the TOP positions in the search engine will be identified.
If SEO promotion is already underway, a site audit will help determine whether the strategy is correct, whether it gives results and whether it needs to be adjusted to get higher resource positions.

As a result of the site audit, you get:
- a detailed report with a description of all found errors and recommendations for their correction.
- a step-by-step strategy developed on the basis of site analysis, which will be aimed at getting top positions in search results.
When is an SEO audit needed?
SEO analysis will help assess the readiness of the site to launch in the search engine, identify errors and missing elements on the site.
At the stage of launching the promotion of a new site
In case the results of SEO promotion are missing, it is recommended to conduct an analysis in order to identify errors and create a new, more effective SEO strategy.
In the absence of the results of the current SEO strategy
It is held every six months to evaluate the result of the work done on website promotion and its adjustment to achieve even greater results.
To control indicators
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Personal manager
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Detailed report
Based on the results of the work, you will receive a detailed, structured report on the work done and a step-by-step strategy for further website promotion
Our employees work quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Professionalism, practical skills, and love for our work are our main qualities.
Site audit includes:
500 $
  • Single Page Sites
  • Landings
  • Business card sites
  • Highly specialized online stores
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  • Major portals
  • Online hypermarkets
  • Online stores up to 300 pages
  • Aggregators
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Introduction to the project
Study of business features, site analysis, identification of problem points
Studying competitors
Assessing the benefits of competing sites in a niche

Creating a promotion strategy
for your website
Progress report
Stages of work
Further cooperation
for the implementation of the SEO-strategy
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